The Boom

from by Hallelugenia



I'm waiting here

Pushed on the green ground
by the grey sky
iron and gold
with no fear
I'm waiting here
by your hands my hands
want no more
in a fair day
the sun would not hurt
I'm not coming home fro lunch
I'm not coming home
by the cracks in the clouds
to the steamy ground
by my wet clothes
to my trembling sight
I slept here
I thought some time ago
time with no return
time with no more turns
my mobile gun
on barbed wire
give up hope
for such thin eyes

put them all in boxes
empty beautiful and fake

plastic, electric, automatic
giraffe in fence and tea on a tree
I love to have tea anesthetic
but tea it's too hot for pieces of meat
your face your eyes
like a sleeping herd
my hands my mind
full of crumbs
I don't have a place for a whole day
empty, beautiful and fake

put them all in boxes
with holes for breathing through
empty beautiful and fake
by my dreams into outer space

from the day of the boom
in the same direction
the same reflection
about history
about bombs
about me


from Clean It Up (EP), track released September 25, 2016
Doublebass: Pasquale Votino
Recorded at Phantom Studio Bristol and JJ Studio Bristol by Lorenzo Cecchi, mixing and mastering by Richard Parsons.




Hallelugenia Bristol, UK

The core of the project is composed by two elements:
Luca: lead singer, piano player and songwriter
Giuliana: sound design and live electronics.
Our musical aim is to generate an experimental sound colliding an alternative rock soul into an electronic suit.

We're lucky to collaborate with others musicians for recordings and live sessions
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